Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screening
Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screening

Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screening

Ovarian and breast cancer are among the most common forms of cancer in women. Both can occur in any woman at any age, though they tend to be more common in older adults. Screenings are essential for the early detection of these diseases, and the survival rate is higher if problems are detected early. At Atlanta Women Specialty Group, we want you to live a long and healthy life. That is why we offer professional screening for our patients. By getting regular tests for both breast and ovarian cancers, you can help protect yourself from the spread of this dangerous disease.

The Importance of Screening Tests 

Screening tests are used to look for cancer at an early stage when it's easier to treat. If a screening test shows that you might have breast or ovarian cancer, your doctor may recommend additional testing to confirm the diagnosis. At this point, you'll meet with a specialist who can help guide you through the next steps of your care plan.

Screening Tests for Ovarian Cancer 

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer death in American women. The symptoms associated with ovarian cancer are vague and may be considered the stomach flu or other gastrointestinal issues. Symptoms include bloating, unexplainable weight gain, abdominal or pelvic pain, and menstrual abnormalities. Because the symptoms of ovarian cancer can be confused with other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or endometriosis, it is important to get screened if you think something is wrong. If you are at high risk for ovarian cancer or have a family history of ovarian cancer, you should consider undergoing screening tests. These tests can help identify early-stage cancers before they cause symptoms and spread to other parts of your body.

  • CA-125 Test - This blood test measures the level of a protein called CA-125 in your blood. The higher your CA-125 levels are, the more likely it is that you have ovarian cancer.
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound - This procedure uses sound waves to create an image of your ovaries on a screen so they can be examined by a gynecologist who can detect signs of early ovarian cancer.

How Can Mammograms Help Women Screen for Breast Cancer?

Mammograms are an essential part of the breast cancer screening process. When you go for a mammogram, a radiologist will place a compression device over your breasts and then take a series of x-rays. The compression device helps to flatten the tissue so that it's easier to see any abnormalities in your breast tissue. It is recommended that women over the age of 40 schedule annual mammograms to ensure long-term breast health.

Do You Need Breast or Ovarian Cancer Screening?

The best way to avoid breast and ovarian cancer is to be aware of the signs and symptoms of these diseases. If you need ovarian or breast cancer screening in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, then we're here to help. Call or visit Atlanta Women Specialty Group today. Our professionals are always ready to answer any questions you have and can schedule a convenient appointment.